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Having refined our brand, methods and presentation, Grosvenor now seeks to bring the company’s world-class brand to every global city. Our clientele demand a personalized and local service. Franchising is the surest way to ensure that every Grosvenor patron enjoys the customer experience they seek. Grosvenor is looking for specially-qualified companies and individuals to establish and develop new Grosvenor operations around the world. By joining our network, these Franchise Owners will enjoy the rewards inherent in providing ready markets of affluent, fashion-conscious individuals with a unique collection and service.

Long Term Vision

Our aim is to create an international network of Grosvenor shops offering the same high standards of service. By franchising, we harness the ability, energy and enthusiasm of others. Franchise Owners, in turn, deserve consistent support and encouragement. We are committed to sharing the rewards inherent in the Grosvenor Franchise System.

Training & Technical Support

Franchise Owners will be provided with an Initial Training Programme covering all aspects of the establishment and operation of a Grosvenor Franchise business. Key elements include a thorough induction into the marketplace, our business operations, technologies, management techniques, HR policies and proven marketing/sales strategies. Comprehensive Operations Manuals, on loan to Franchise Owners for the duration of their trading license, outlines our every business practice.


Grosvenor will fully support the opening of every new Grosvenor store, and will provide further on-site training and operational backing to the Franchise Owner. This will include up to 5 days supplementary training at the Franchise Owner’s location immediately prior to launch. There will be ongoing regular visits to each franchised business, and sales, marketing advice will be available by phone every working day. It is our intention that Franchise Owners become a valued part of our global network, and benefit from a strong relationship with Head Office.


While Grosvenor will provide training in all aspects of the operation, prospective investors will still need to consider their aptitudes and suitability for this franchise business. We entrust both our name and reputation to franchise owners, and invest both time and energy in their operations. Our standards are therefore high. We have a clear idea of the attributes that make a successful franchise owner and are prepared to take the time to ensure that the we enter into the most fruitful relationships.


A Grosvenor franchise owner will have experience in either the fashion, luxury goods or related industry. They will have entrepreneurial and/or managerial credentials, drive, dedication and a commitment to both Grosvenor and its brand values. They will be demonstrably fine relationship-builders and excellent communicators committed to working hand-inhand with Grosvenor. Understanding the unique needs and expectations of the affluent, Grosvenor Franchise Owners will also have a demonstrable facility with - and focus on - delivering exceptional customer service.

grosvenor franchise store internal digitual design

Start Your Journey Today

If you are interested in opening your own Grosvenor Franchise, please feel free to contact Karl Dunkly C.E.O for further information.

grosvenor franchise store internal digitual design

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